K9 Nose Work

What is K9 Nose Work?

K9 Nose Work is a sport that uses a dog’s natural hunting abilities to locate a specific set of odors. We start out by teaching your dog the game, then expand to large rooms, vehicle searches, and all kinds of exterior searches! If your dog can sniff, your dog can participate in Nose Work!

Will my dog like K9 Nose Work?

Does your dog like to sniff? Does your dog like rewards? Then most likely your dog will enjoy Nose Work! Dogs of all ages and physical abilities excel in Nose Work - it is an especially great activity for senior dogs to keep them engaged and active. Dogs that might be timid or reactive also build confidence and do very well in Nose Work - only one dog searches at a time and dogs do not interact with each other during classes or searching.

Interested in joining a class?

Students without previous experience need to start with an Introduction to Nose Work class. These are offered periodically throughout the year - please call us at 541-754-6956 to be added to our list - we will contact you when we have one scheduled.

Students that are currently on odor, please contact us to find the right class for you to join! All levels of handlers are welcome in our classes.